Take a deep dive into World Ocean Day to discover more about this important awareness day. Find out what activities you can do with the kids to mark the occasion and explore some of our favourite ocean-friendly beach toys, from sand play sets and scoop-and-pour boats to tide pool toys. 

Boy playing with Red Dump Truck at the beach

World Ocean Day 2023

Read our guide to World Ocean Day 2023, where we answer a handful of questions to help you learn more about this significant annual event.

What Is World Ocean Day?

World Ocean Day gives us all an opportunity to appreciate the vital role our oceans play in everyday life and help us get to know what we can do to protect them. Families can also use the day to teach kids what they can do to look after our seas, from reducing plastic waste to conserving water and recycling. 

Family doing a beach clean

When Is World Ocean Day?

World Oceans Day is celebrated on 8th June every year and World Oceans Day 2023 falls on a Thursday. But for us, every day is Ocean Day, as all of our toys are made from used plastics which are at risk of going into the ocean. Instead, we recycle these plastics to create sustainable toys loved by children around the world. 

What Are Some World Ocean Day Facts?

Here are 7 astounding facts about the ocean on World Ocean Day…

1. The oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface

2. Around 1 million animal species live in the ocean (and the blue whale is the biggest of all)

3. Jellyfish are older than dinosaurs (fossils have revealed that they’ve been around for 500 million years plus!)

4. Coral has been used to repair human bones 

5. Explorers have only visited 5% of the ocean

6. Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic enters our seas

7. The ocean is the source of over 50% of the oxygen we breathe, but plastic pollution reduces this oxygen 

Boy walking among plastic waste on the beach

What Activities Can We Do On World Ocean Day?

We have picked out 5 activities you can do with your adorable eco-warriors on World Ocean Day this year. 

1. Take part in a family beach clean together

2. Watch an ocean documentary to get your kids excited about conservation 

3. Colour and learn with these World Ocean Day activity sheets, crafted by our friends at Bigjigs Toys

4. Read a nautical-themed storybook

5. Go plastic-free for the day (or longer if you can!)

Sustainable Kids Toys For World Ocean Day

Have a whale of a time with our eco-friendly kids toys, perfect for a family day trip to the beach on World Ocean Day. All of these eco toys are made from 100% recycled plastic, saving the ocean from needless plastic waste while bringing joy to your children’s playtimes! 

Ferry Boat Toy

Green Toys Ferry Boat on the beach

Anchors away! This realistic toy Ferry Boat features a slide-out ramp and two red and yellow Mini Fastbacks cars. Durable and buoyant, the two-storey kids boat will float on any type of water, be it the salty ocean or a bubbly bathtub! 

Sand Play Set

Girl playing with Sand Play Set

Perfectly sized for small hands, the Sand Play Set comes with a bucket, spade, rake and sandcastle mould, and is available in green or pink. This is one of our best-selling sand toys, and is a great way to boost children’s fine motor skills and coordination. 

Yellow Submarine Toy

Girl playing with Submarine toy in the water

Plunge below the waves on a nautical adventure exploring the deep blue seas with the Green Toys Submarine! This sturdy yet lightweight boat toy features a spinning rear propeller, a wide-mouth opening for scooping and pouring water, and a carry handle for easy transportation. 

Tide Pool Set

Boy playing with Tide Pool Set in paddling pool

Get stuck into some scoop-and-pour play with our Tide Pool Water Toy, made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. The set comes with six colourful rock pool creatures such as a starfish, squid, scallop shell and jellyfish, plus a handy seaweed bag - ideal for days out by the seaside. 

Toy Seaplane 

Boy playing with Green Toys Seaplane in the bath

Soar into the sky or set sail across the ocean with this sustainable Seaplane, specially designed with chunky pontoons so the boat can float on water. Young captains can navigate from water to air with the spinning propeller, then make a splash-landing into the sea. 

Rescue Boat with Helicopter

Girl playing with Rescue Boat and Helicopter in the bath

Save the day with this 2-in-1 Rescue Boat & Helicopter! Your little hero will have Captain Duck and Pilot Bear as their backup crew for their all-important rescue missions. The red rescue boat also features a wide spout for pouring water. 

Red Dump Truck Toy

Boy playing with Red Dump Truck on the beach

Haul sand from your picnic blanket to your windbreak with the Green Toys Dump Truck! Available in red, pink and orange, this large toy dump truck has a working dumper for transporting sand, pebbles or toys. 

June 05, 2023

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