To celebrate Afternoon Tea Week (7th - 13th August), we have put the spotlight on some of our best pretend play toys, from a pink tea set to a cupcake truck. Let’s get the par-tea started! 

Pretend Play For Toddlers

Before you dive into a brew-tea-ful land of make believe, join us to explore how this style of childhood play can help your kids grow and develop.

Girls enjoying pretend play with Kids Tea Set

What are pretend play toys?

Toys that inspire kids to use their imagination. Pretend play involves acting out real-life scenarios or make-believe storylines, and these toys bring this kind of play to life. Examples include tea sets, play food, kitchens and household items, dress-up costumes, dolls, puppets, animal and dinosaur figures, and construction toys. While role play is mainly focused on imitating specific roles, such as doctors and nurses or mummies and daddies, pretend play is more open-ended and gives kids the freedom to get creative! 

Is pretend play beneficial?

Absolutely! Pretend play enriches a child’s imagination, communication skills, vocabulary, independence and social and emotional intelligence. It gives them the confidence to express themselves and their thoughts, while learning to balance these ideas with others they’re playing with. Pretend play also nurtures kids’ cognitive growth and teaches them important life skills that will support them through adulthood, such as problem-solving, creativity, conflict resolution and teamwork

Boy using the pretend play teapot from Kids Tea Set

At what age does pretend play start?

Here’s a breakdown of what pretend play looks like by age:

  • 12-18 months: Young toddlers will most likely play pretend on their own at this age, performing actions like drinking a cup of tea or talking to someone on the phone
  • 18 months - 2 years: Pretend play will extend to others and might involve littlens feeding their soft toys some dinner or rocking their doll to sleep
  • 2-3 years: Tots may still need your help and encouragement, but should start to take an interest in more elaborate scenarios such as a teddy bear’s tea party or playing dress up 
  • 3-5 years: This is the ultimate age for pretend play, and kids will likely be able to think up imaginative stories and games without much or any guidance

Pretend Play Toys For Afternoon Tea Week

Bag one of our pretend play sets and mark Afternoon Tea Week with a family play picnic! All of our kids role play toys are sustainably made with 100% recycled plastic. We take the milk bottles once used to pour milk in your tea to create durable, long-lasting and much-loved toys that are kinder to Planet Earth. 

Kids Tea Set

Girl playing with pretend play Toddler Tea Set

Perfect for pretend playtime, this 17-piece Toddler Tea Set is kitted out with everything your youngster will need for a scrumptious afternoon tea. Pick up the pink teapot to pour a fresh brew into the four cups and saucers, stir in some sugar from the pot and add a splash of milk from the mini jug. Our children’s tea set comes in two colours, pink or blue, so tots can pick their favourite. 

Cupcake Stand

Young child playing with pretend play Cupcake Set

‘Bake’ your kids smile with this colourful 16-piece Cupcake Set! Petite patissiers can present their sweet treats on the pastel blue display stand, before serving them up to their teddy bear buddies. There are five cupcakes in the set which come apart, so you can mix and match the frostings. It’s also a fun way to develop your tot’s counting and colour recognition skills

Play Dough Tools

Girl crafting with Green Toys play dough tools

Make your own play dough cakes with these Play Dough Toys (no baking required!). This 7-piece Extruder Play Dough Set includes a deluxe two-part extruder, dough knife, dough scraper, pair of scissors, and two dough tubs in red and blue. Play dough crafts are excellent for enhancing children’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity

Cupcake Truck

Green Toys Cupcake Truck for pretend play

Beep beep, cupcake delivery! Serve your sugary goods in style aboard the Green Toys Cupcake Truck. This quirky cupcake set comes with two cupcakes featuring stackable layers and a chunky blue truck with a detachable roof for transporting these tasty bakes. We also have an Ice Cream Truck with swappable sauces and cones. 

More In Imaginary Play 

Want to know what else we have on offer? Have a browse through our Pretend Play Collection, featuring sand toys, vehicles, construction toys and house playsets. 

August 07, 2023

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