Have yourself a planet-friendly Christmas! Raising little eco-warriors can get tricky during the festive season, when plastic waste hits record highs. But there are loads of things we can do to reduce our plastic consumption, from choosing recyclable wrapping paper to shopping for sustainable gifts

Green Toys Racing Car

Finding plastic-free kids stocking fillers is easier than you might think, too. If you need some inspiration, we have handpicked a selection of affordable Green Toys that’ll make superb Christmas gifts for kids - all for less than £15.

Sustainable Gift Guide: Kids Stocking Fillers

These eco-friendly children’s stocking fillers are made out of 100% recycled milk jugs! Once used to splash milk on your tot’s Coco Pops, now used to bring merriment to their Christmas morning. Cool, huh? 

1. My First Stacking Cups

There’s so much you can do with these simple Stacking Cups. Pile them up into a tower and your cheeky munchkin won’t be able to resist crawling closer to knock them down. The six cups are numbered on the bottom, so they also work as learning aids for teaching your toddlers to count, or you can pop the cups in the tub and show them how to scoop up water and pour! 

My First Stacking Cups

2. Racing Car (Red)

Push the pedal to the metal and zoom to the finish line, without polluting the environment! This version of the Green Toys Racing Car comes in Ferrari-red, but you can also pick it up in blue or pink. Its dinky size makes it a perfect Christmas stocking filler, and will keep your mini Formula 1 fans entertained while the grown-ups are busy preparing the dinner. 

Green Toys Racing Car (Red)

3. Twist Teether

Babies gum and chew their toys as that’s how they learn and explore the world around them. Their mouths are more sensitive than their fingers at this age, so baby teething toys like the Twist Teether give youngsters a fun way to boost their development. As well as stimulating their senses, the unique shape and chewable texture of this tactile teether will also help to soothe their sore gums.

Twist Teether 

4. Skipping Rope

Wake up on Christmas morning with a hop, skip and a jump! This Green Toys Skipping Rope is made with recycled plastic handles and adjustable cotton rope. Active littlens can use it to exercise and burn off energy. This playful exercise tool is available in green and pink and will help active littlens burn off energy, while helping them to grow strong, fit and healthy. 

Green Toys Skipping Rope

5. Tugboat (Yellow)

Anchors away! Young sailors will be counting down the hours to bathtime when they unwrap this super-cool Tugboat bath toy. Watch it carve through bubbles, float along the waves and dock beside your tot’s tiny toes. The wide spout can be used to scoop and pour water, which will strengthen their hand-eye coordination and dexterity. 

Tugboat (Yellow)

6. Rattle Keys

Unlock the play possibilities with these eco-friendly Rattle Keys. Babies are drawn to the jingly sound and shape of keys, but they’re not the safest of things for them to fiddle with. Instead, treat them to their very own set this Christmas! This sensory toy is made with four different shapes, textures and colours for curious bambinos to discover. 

Rattle Keys

How will you be making your Christmas sustainable this year?

December 05, 2022

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